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There are more than 500 early stage firms in the biofuels and bio-based products space. The one thing they all have in common is a need for high quality, cost-effective feedstocks.

If our woody biomass balers capture 30% of the chipper market, we will sell more than 25,000 balers in the next ten years producing revenue of at least $1.7 billion.

Our patents covering balers for switchgrass, miscanthus, and other energy crops will apply to most large square balers manufactured by the top five global biomass baler makers.

Build-out of the liquid biofuels industry between now and 2025 will require more than $180 billion of capital construction. Our feedstock processing innovations apply to at least $10 billion of equipment.

Our patents covering feedstock materials may generate toll royalties on more than 100 million tons of biomass per year at maturity. At an average rate of just 30 cents per ton, licensing revenues will exceed $30 million per year.