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Forest Concepts LLC was formed in 1998 by experienced industry professionals as a forest products and bio-based materials research and development company. Company founders brought decades of experience in the forest and agricultural industries, mostly related to technology development and deployment.

We have been very adept at identifying the "big deal" technology gaps and preparing highly competitive proposals to federal agencies and others.

SBIR - Small Business Innovation Research Program Competitive Awards to Forest Concepts Agency Sponsor Start Year Amount ($)
Low Energy Rotary Shear for Sub-millimeter Particle Production DOE/EERE Bioenergy Technologies Office 2013 Ongoing
Low Energy Comminution of Herbaceous Crops USDA NIFA SBIR 2013 Ongoing
Process Intensification through Improved Dryer Engineering Data and Design DOE/EERE Office of Biomass Technologies 2012 $150,000
Low Energy Comminution of Woody Biomass DOE/EERE Office of Biomass Technologies 2010 $1,100,000
Beneficiation of Chipped and Shredded Woody Biomass USDA NIFA SBIR 2009 $430,000
Appropriate Technology Biomass Collection Systems for Energy and Value-Added Markets USDA NIFA SBIR 2006 $375,882
Marketing and Logistics System for Roundwood Component Kits and Materials USDA NIFA SBIR 2005 $375,359
Wood-Strand Erosion Control Material USDA NIFA SBIR 2002 $375,824